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Server what cumulus running on and the Server up time is 0 days 19 hours.

Information about the weather station hardware.

 System Information
System in Use Custom Built Server System Language English (United Kingdom)
GPU Intel Graphics 4600 Cumulus Hard Drive Samsung EVO 850 SSD 120GB
CPU Intel® Core™ i5-4460 CPU @ 3.20GHz OS Version Windows 10 Pro X64-bit
Memory RAM 12GB DDR3 Cores 4
Cumulus Memory Usage 89.68 MB Boot Drive Samsung EVO 850 SSD 120GB
Full Website Update Interval 5 Minutes Realtime Update Interval 4 Seconds
NOAA Monthly Report NOAAMO1020.txt NOAA Yearly Report NOAAYR2020.txt
Cumulus Latest Error Error Time & Date ------
Log Rollover Time midnight Cumulus Installed Build (3095) 3.9.0
Cumulus New Version Available if Red Build Number Available 3095
Ecowitt GW1000 Firmware Version ??? Screen Display 1920x1080 32 bit
IP Camera Foscam FI990OP Firmware Version
 Station Information
Station Type Davis Vantage Vue Total ISS Data Packets Received 7938
Missed ISS data packets 47 Longest streak of good packets 2069
ISS packets with CRC errors 1 Percentage of good packets received
Console & ISS resynch's 0 Console Firmware Version 4.30 Latest
Console Battery Condition 4.44 v Data Was last Read From The Station 27/10/2020 05:56:00
ISS Battery Condition ok Station Status Data-OK 
 Longitude & Latitude & Location
Longitude W 00° 22' 45" Latitude N 50° 49' 12"
Above Sea Level 31 ft Station Location Worthing