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Welcome to Weather Station.

The weather station used is a Davis Vantage Vue, The server has been running continuously for 7 days 6 hours hours and uses Cumulus MX software which has been running for 7 days 6 hours. This web Site is hosted on Custom Built Linux Server. The station has been in operation since 01 May 2015.

The meteorological day used at this station ends at midnight. These pages are updated every 10 minutes - most of the data on this page will flash every 5 seconds.

Dawn: 06:29 Sunrise: 07:03 Moonrise: 19:00
Dusk: 19:12 Sunset:  18:38 Moonset: 06:12
Daylight: 12:42 Day length: 11:35 Moon Phase: Full moon (100%, 14 days)
  Temperature & Humidity
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Windchill  °C          Humidity  %      
Apparent Temperature  °C Heat Index  °C  
Average Today So Far  °C Cloudbase
Change in (Last Hours)    °C Temperature Range  °C
Wind Speed  mph   Highest Wind Speed  mph
Wind Speed Latest Gust  mph   Beaufort  
Highest Gust So Far Today  mph Wind Run  miles
Wind Direction       Average Wind Bearing  
Rainfall Today  mm      Rainfall Rate  mm/hr
Rainfall This Month  mm Rainfall This Year  mm
Rainfall Last Hour  mm Last rainfall
Rainfall Since Midnight  mm Rainfall Last 24 Hours  mm
Days Since It Last Rained Days Since Last Dry Day
Storm Rain  mm Yesterday Rainfall  mm
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